Local 50 Corruption Exposed!

From: "mark beil" <mcbeil1@isp.com>
Date: April 7, 2016 at 19:51:10 CDT
To: <mjwagner36@att.net>
Subject: Nancy A

I have attached a couple documents you need to consider, first is the Audit procedure that was presented to myself and Scott by Britt and the Auditor Monday night. They were adamant that we comply with these recommendations immediately to prevent any further exposure to ourselves and the executive board and Scott refuses to comply.

  Second is the spread sheet that Nancy prepared of the charges that were not related to her employment. She did pay them but the damage is already done and they will find more.

The third thing on this document is what the auditor prepared concerning payroll deductions for Scott and Nancy. Nancy did not deduct any federal tax deductions from their paychecks, if they do not pay this the hall and executive board will be liable for it.  Scott told the auditor that night that he will not pay for it.

It’s a shame that all of this is going on but as you can see from the conversation we had with him tonight he is only looking out for himself.  Not filling the Lm2 on time and we are already late the Department of Labor will be in there in 2 to 3 weeks to do an audit. Once the audit is done we will all be answering to them. This will also trigger the IRB to come in again. 

They put us in a bad position here we need to take action as an executive board to prevent any further liability.
Let me know if you have any questions.

Audit proceedure
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Expenses owed 04 06 16_Page_2
Expenses owed 04 06 16_Page_3
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You can find out how much your local spent on salaries, benefits, and representation last year by looking at its LM-2 report at the Department of Labor website. What is an LM-2? An LM-2 is a form that most unions file with the Department of Labor each year that gives a breakdown of the organization's finances. It can show you how much your local officers get paid, how your local is spending its money, and more.

Below is a table with each years corresponding LM2 for Local 50. To view that years LM2 simply click on the year you'd like to see. This information has been taken directly from the Department of Labor's OLMS website. .

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