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Independent Review Board Proposed Charges

Amid allegations of corruption, the Independent Review Board launches extensive investigation


Frustrated by the lack of action by the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, members plan rally.

LU50 Crime Area
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The Alexanders - Gangsters


You can find out how much your local spent on salaries, benefits, and representation last year by looking at its LM-2 report at the Department of Labor website. What is an LM-2? An LM-2 is a form that most unions file with the Department of Labor each year that gives a breakdown of the organization's finances. It can show you how much your local officers get paid, how your local is spending its money, and more.

Below is a table with each years corresponding LM2 for Local 50. To view that years LM2 simply click on the year you'd like to see. This information has been taken directly from the Department of Labor's OLMS website. .

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True Power

Be sure to attend the next General meeting and..

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The merger Letter needed a bit of clarification

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